Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Saturday Ramble

The past couple of days we have been enjoying a January thaw, with temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 60's.  This morning, I packed up a thermos of coffee, grabbed a rod and headed over to a stream I have yet to explore.  I had hoped to venture up to the headwaters of this stream, which I have heard contains native brook trout, but the Forest Service Road was pretty sloppy from the freeze/thaw and I did not want to tempt the fates in my wife's Corolla.  As a result, I began by fishing from the bottom up, working my way upstream as far as time allowed.  I was trying out a few new pieces of kit, mainly a new line and that box of experimental patterns.  The stream-bed was wide and with a tall canopy I was able to fish a longer rod, this time the Tenkara Tanuki 375.  I tied on the historically inspired red wool and hackle fly, lubed up with a floatant, and began to work the first nice pool I came to.  This stream has a reputation for some larger fish lurking about the deep pools, and with a heavy nymph I might have cleaned house.  But with the spring-like temperature I was determined to take a fish on the surface.

 It didn't take long to find a willing participant.  After a few more fish it was time to take to the bank for some much needed coffee and roasted pecans.

The skies grew dark and cloudy, and for the rest of the afternoon things really slowed down.  I was stubborn and did not change my fly.  The furled line (not horsehair) that I was trying out was a little too heavy to keep off the water as effectively as a level line, so I persisted in fishing the little red fly dry.  With a level line and fishing the fly wet, I think I may have taken more fish.  But I was content with the day as it was and continued on.  The sun began working its way toward the western ridge line that framed the stream, and with a walk back to the car and no flashlight, I knew it was time to pack it in.  I got back to the car a little sooner than I expected and fished a pool near the parking space. Fortunately, in the failing light, I was able to rouse one more rise and conclude a beautiful day afield.

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