Thursday, February 16, 2017

Signs of Life

I know we Southerners cannot complain too much about winter.  But cold is cold like anywhere else. We start to miss the color of the forests, the warmth on our faces.  This winter has been pretty mild, and the fishing has been decent enough.  But I for one am ready for warmer nights, bugs dancing on the water, and rising trout.  Most of my outings of late have been lackluster, with not too much to write about.  Fish are earned in the winter, but we've had little glimmers of spring.  On my last few trips to my local tailwater, good hatches of caddis have been coming off; one angler that lives on the river told me that at one point the hatch was so prolific as to have blanketed the water.  I missed out on that, but I caught enough of it to fool a fish or two on a #16 Deer hair caddis.  Watching the trout gingerly roll and sip the fly in the evening light was enough to recharge my batteries for the little winter we have left.

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