Monday, May 1, 2017

Taking a Much Needed Break; New Diversions

I check a few of my favorite blogs daily, and am grateful for their output and content.  Just the other day, as I was discovering a new wet fly pattern, I drifted over to the "B" Blogger icon to check on my own blog. To my dismay, it had been well over a month since my last post!  Same for Instagram, which I am much better with in terms of output; one month!

Sometimes one has to take a step back from it all.  Fortunately, there is the reliable, steady rise of the trout.  There is the continual honing of my tenkara skills; the realization that one is mainly a wet fly fisherman. The latter makes one do a double-take at that 2 weight glass rod collecting dust. That glass rod gets paired with a small tin of favorite caddies dries, and taken to my small stream, running flush with the recent spring rains.

Did I mention the wet wading?  It's wonderful to see the water levels up, especially after a dismal summer last year.

There's also the tiny rivulets that form headwaters; rhodo-choked hellholes where Georgia brookies, literally at the end of the line, cling tenaciously to life.

Not to mention that the local ponds are warming up, and the bass are finally getting aggressive.  I can watch a bass take a popper all day long.

Not Tenkara! 

And finally, I got a new toy, but more on that later...

So it's been a good break, but it's time to step back into the maw of the beast.  I have a few things in the works, and for better or worse, the internet plays a big role in facilitation.  The interconnection is part of daily life now, and like it or not, it is hard to escape its increasing necessity.  But it does feel great to step away every now and then.  Maybe next time, it won't take so long.


  1. Always happy when I check and you have shared something new. I finally got on the board for 2017 with a handful of little rainbows up on LG Creek last weekend.
    Cheers buddy, looking forward to some GA stream exploring.

  2. Thanks Jim! Glad to hear you got out. Definitely looking forward to your visit!

  3. Very cool. How do you like those wading (canyoneering) shoes, what model are they? Are the 5.10 somethings, or something else?

    1. Hi Michael,

      They are the 5.10 Canyoneering shoes. I use them and the Astral brewers for most of my wet wading. The 5.10's are on the stiff side, but I find them comfortable for hiking into streams, plus they have been bombproof so far, so I trust them in burly terrain. The Astral's are much lighter, less stiff, and still comfortable for hiking in, however the material is showing major wear. Let's just say dental floss and aquaseal go a long way into keeping the Astral's going!

      By the way, huge fan of the magazine. Thanks for all you contribute to the tenkara community!